Flavour Nabania is one of the best artists Africa has to offer. He posseses a unique voice that lends itself to any genre thus making his music appealing to a broad fan base. Some of his hits in the past include Oyi(I dey Catch Cold).Adamma, My Baby, Ashawo and many more bangers. His career caught fire immediately after he introduced his single “Nwa Baby” as part of his debut album “N’abania.”

The album was an instant hit topping charts across Nigeria.  His fluency in the dialects of Igbo and Pidgin has enabled his star to shine bright and has given the talented singer an edge over his competition.

“I play highlife music. It’s a form of native African jazz” explained the 27 year old Flavour.  “I used to listen to the old music so I take the old and blend it with the new.  I can bring Reggae to high life as well as rap and hip hop so my high life is for the new generation.  I involve myself with humanitarian projects when I can so it was a pleasure to perform with Mama G at the “Live and Lets Live World AIDS concert on Saturday, November 27th in New York organized by the Save Africa Concert Foundation.

I also performed in Dallas on Thursday, November 25 and Friday November 26th in Houston, Texas, as part of the Live and Let Live AIDS World Tour,” explained the international singer concerning his visit to America.“Recently, in attempting to cross over my music to various markets, I have been shooting videos to support my album “My Woman Is Gone,”  said Flavour who has a CD out entitled Flavour Uplifted” and a single entitled “Mo Fire,” which is a fusion of reggae and high life danceable music.

“Music is comprised of so many things.  When doing videos you read a script so acting plays a role in my business as well.  I sing ballads, fusion and jazz and am known in Europe and throughout the Diaspora.  I would like to introduce my music to the American marketplace. I hope to return to America in February in order to introduce America to my sound.”