Richardson, Texas – Laura Maczka, Mayor of Richardson, has issued an official proclamation from the city endorsing its support of AFRIMMA. “The City of Richardson welcomes African Muzik Magazine, The African Chamber of Commerce, African Artists, dignitaries, and ambassadors to the Eisemann Center for Performing Arts” said Maczka. “[We] look forward with anticipation to the first ever presentation of the AFRIMMA awards in the United States.”



International Television Powerhouse, Sound City, has signed on as a media partner and will broadcast the award show throughout Africa. The network has been dubbed as the “Pan- African Urban Music Channel”, and will provide the exclusive broadcast of Afrimma. “I do hereby recognize the African Muzik Magazine Awards and extend best wishes for an extraordinary event and congratulate all artist on their nominations” said Maczka. ” I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the City to be affixed on this 26th day of July 2014.”